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QLD - Frequently Asked Questions

CSF & QTF Touch Football Program FAQ's

  • Complete all details on the Application Form, pre-existing medical conditions and post, fax or email the forms to the College or complete and submit the online Applicationn Form.

  • Attach certified copies of academic records including subject descriptions and/or work experience.

  • If you have previously studied in any educational institution in Australia attach a copy of your academic transcripts and attendance record.

  • Have achieved an English language level of minimum TOEFL 500, IELTS 5.5 or equivalent (upper intermediate)

  • Be 18 years of age or above.

  • Attach copy of passport and English Certificate (if applicable).

  • Attach copy of passport and English Certificate (if applicable).

  • Have complete physical ability (this would be limited for example by missing primary body limbs i.e. an arm or leg, or having completely impaired vision or hearing).

  • Pay the course fees according to the course fees schedule (in Australian dollars).

  • Obtain and comply with your Student Visa.

  • You may also be required for one on one interview with the CSF careers advisor prior of acceptance.

  • Must have completed the lower qualification in order to start the higher qualification as all qualifications are delivered as a package.

Applying for a course


Apply Online

Check for Start Dates & entry requirements before applying, limited spaces available.

Online Assistence

Need help with your application? One of CSF friendly staff will contact you to assist with your enquiry.

Visit Us

Come and visit one of our conveniently located CSF campuses and meet our friendly staff.

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