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In 2005 Julio Chaves and Andre Cerutti started to work on the establishment of the International College of Capoeira (ICC) for the purpose of developing students in the required skills and knowledge of Capoeira through a sport coaching qualification specialising in the Martial Art Capoeira.

Through immense consultation with related industry experts and the consent of the Capoeira industry specialists Mr Julio Chaves and Mr Andre Cerutti went about the development of the International College of Capoeira and in 2007 the college received recognition and approval by the state regulators to deliver approved vocational accredited courses.

In 2009 after being approved to deliver accredited qualifications in Sport Coaching to overseas students, ICC officially opened its door to its learners.

After much success and interest from learners in the early stages of the official opening date, Mr Julio Chaves and Mr Andre Cerutti decided to enhance the college mission. One of the obvious changes in the establishment is the new trading name ‘College of Sports & Fitness’, (CSF).

The drive of this change was primarily to reflex the industry demand and cater for a variety of services, career opportunities, specialised qualifications and educational articulation within the Sport, Fitness and Recreation industry.

CSF is constantly providing students with the knowledge necessary to develop themselves for a successful career in their chosen field.

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