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Sport Coaching -BJJ Practical                        Sport Coaching – Swimming Practical

Student Testimony         Swimming

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Sport Coaching -BJJ Practical                         Sport Coaching -BJJ Practical

Bjj 3          Bjj

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Diploma of Sport Coaching                              Diploma of Sport Coaching



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We’re in the heart of Australia’s biggest city, Sydney… the city has so much to offer, it’s amazing!

One opportunity you have is your chance to study your favourite sport, meet awesome people from all over the world and have good fun, while enhancing your sporting skills and getting a step closer to starting your dream career as a sporting professional in Australia.

With CSF, you will be in good hands. You’ll be trained to develop both theory and practical skills, which will help opening doors in all sections of the sports industry.
We specialize in soccer, swimming, surfing, the martial art of capoeira, volleyball and Brazilian jiu jitsu… you have plenty to choose from.

If you have a sporting ambition, whatever that is, we’ve got you covered!
Come! We’re waiting for you…


Catlin Cook speaks about how much she love learning to surf at CSF



Cindy from Netherlands talks about what she likes about CSF (College of Sports & Fitness) and Sydney



Vanessa from Brazil is interviewed and she explains how CSF helps her on her journey in Australia


CSF has recently launched the Surf Classes and this is what happened on th first day!


CSF is a college for students to study in a qualification level of Diploma in Sport Coaching and Sport Development. Were we offer a variety of practical subjects to assist the student in a real life experience. They can choose from MARTIAL ARTS (CAPOEIRA or BRAZILIAN JIU JITSU), SOCCER, SWIMMING, SURFING and VOLLEYBALL.


Trainers at Work

Check out our trainers in action



Testimonial from CSF student



Testimonial from CSF student




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