Finding a Career in Sports

Mapping out a career in the Sports industry has been described by some as a full time job in itself. Since many of the jobs in this field are rarely found within traditional job postings or newspapers, it is necessary for interested students to become familiar with some of the sectors that make up this diverse and interdisciplinary area and to exercise networking as it is the best way to find out about job openingsā€¦.

Typically, when one thinks of a career in the sports industry, one may think of the select few who are employed as professional athletes or comprise a select number of individuals that assume high profile positions within the management of professional teams. While these jobs do exist, openings in these roles are few and remain highly competitive, requiring many years of related experience within a particular field. However, there are many other opportunities that can be found within both the public and private sector that can offer the sports enthusiast a place in this dynamic industry.

The Sports Industry is very interdisciplinary and can be divided into many segments such as Sports Media (e.g. Sports marketing, Sports writing, broadcasting), Sports Team Administration (e.g. coach, referee), Sports related Engineering (e.g. sporting goods and equipment), Sports Medicine (e.g. Sports Rehabilitation, Nutrition), Sports Management/Business, Sports Law and similar.

Some of the good sites to visit for jobs in the Sports industry are the following:

MIT Center for Sports Innovation



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