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In the Capoeira society Batizado is a yearly event where students get graded and may pass on to their next cord level. To celebrate this event some Capoeira groups invites guests from all around the world, such as other Masters, Professors and Instructors of a similar field, to share some of their knowledge and skills with the students. In some cases the event is conducted over a period of roughly one week and every day there are intensive training sessions held.

These training sessions include, besides physical training as in learning various techniques, seminars with the guest Masters about the history of the martial art and various workshops. It’s a great way for students to network with other students and guests. The final day of the event is usually the actual grading day, the Batizado. Various performances can be held to get the taste and understand the Brazilian culture and Capoeira better. After the performances, the grading begins and for each participant to be graded they must play a game of Capoeira with one of the higher belts. This is an opportunity for the students to show their skills and knowledge of the etiquette they have reached during their training.

The CSF team along with some College students had the amazing opportunity to be part of the 9th Capoeira Festival in Townsville which was held from the 8th – 16th of October.

‘For those who missed the Townsville event, Group Capoeira Brasil  will be holding two final events before the end of 2011. One will commence on the 2nd  – 7th of November called the ‘10th Intensive Capoeira Workshop’ This workshop will be conducted by Mestre Paulao one of the founders of Grupo Capoeira Brasil throughout various locations in Sydney. To find out more information regarding this event go to and the Manly branch is having its first event under the name Fome de Capoeira Festival. It will be held from 5th– 10th of December at Brookvale academy.

This will be Professor Fominha’s 1st event, under the supervision of Mestre Peixe. This event will consist of Capoeira Workshops, Batizado, Rodas, Parties and much more. All Capoeira practitioner and non-practitioner are welcome to this event. So far the special guests that will be attending the event are Mestre Peixe (Sydeny, AU), Formado Leo Pivete (Rio de Janeiro, BR), Formanda Meire Lou (Bondi, AU), Professora Claudinha (Rio de Janeiro, BR), Professor Uakari (Townsville, AU), Professor Agua (Sydney, AU), Professor Mascot (Fortaleza, BR), Professor Javali (Noumea, NC) and many more.


For more information on future Capoeira events join the Mestre Peixe – CBAU , Capoeira Brasil Manly or Capoeira Brasil Bondi facebook page.



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